General Practice Clinics

GP Services

General practice services include the diagnosis, management and treatment of health conditions, continuity of health care throughout the lifespan, health education, prevention, screening, and referral to hospital and specialists.

Hauora Hokianga (or Hokianga Health) offers general practice services at ten locations throughout Hokianga. The locations of our clinics can be seen on our Hokianga map page.

General Practice clinics are comprehensive and integrated with our full range of support services and are provided by teams of General Practitioners, Community Nurses and support staff. All the services are provided free at the point of need for all people who are registered with the practice. A koha or donation is encouraged for people who do have the means to pay.

If you wish to make an appointment for a consultation, please contact the service on the phone numbers for our clinics listed on our contact page.

GP Clinic Days

The GP clinics are usually open on the following days. However during the current Covid-19 pandemic alert, the times of the clinics may change. Please phone to seek assistance on the phone numbers on our contact page.

OmapereMonday and Thursday
PanguruMonday and Wednesday
RaweneMonday through to Friday
TahekeMonday, Wednesday, and Friday

Cornerstone Accredited

The Hauora Hokianga General Practice service is accredited by the Royal NZ College of General Practice (RNZCGP) Cornerstone quality improvement and assurance accreditation programme.