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Tena Koutou Katoa

HOKIANGA HEALTH ENTERPRISE TRUST is a registered charitable trust formed in May 1992, owned and governed by the people of Hokianga, the majority of whom (75%) are Maori.

Hokianga Health, or Hauora Hokianga, provides a range of comprehensive, integrated health services to approximately 6,500 people who reside within the catchment area of the Hokianga river. The services which include GP visits are Kaupapa Maori based, and are provided at no cost at the point of need for all registered members of the practice.

Hokianga Hokianga's primary health care services are associated with Te Tai Tokerau Primary Health Organisation.

Hokianga is located on the west coast of the Far North district of New Zealand. The area is traditionally described in Maori society through the visual linking of the mountains that surround the river. Hokianga is rich in both Maori and European history and is considered by Maori to be the birthplace of the nation. Kupe, the great pacific explorer, before eventually returning to Hawaiiki, settled in this place that later became known as Hokianga nui a Kupe.

If you live in Hokianga or close enough for Hauora Hokianga to be your usual provider of primary health care services and you wish to enrol with us you can download our Patient Enrolment Form.


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20/10/2014: The Trust's Annual Report for 2014 is available for viewing.
1/7/2014: The Trust's Business Plan for 2015 is available for viewing.

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