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Working with Us

We’re leading the way in rural maori healthcare delivery in Aotearoa.
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Hauora Hokianga prides itself on being at the forefront of Māori health care in Aotearoa. Being primarily a rural, māori healthcare provider is not simply a result of the setting in which we work. It means every staff member working to their full potential and striving for full integration of every single element of our organisation. Rural healthcare comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities, which creates a rewarding work environment for our team as we strive to create an exceptional healthcare experience for all.

We are always looking for skilled and passionate medical and nursing staff to join our team. Vacancies across a range of areas including allied health, corporate and support are advertised on our Job Vacancies page as opportunities arise.

“I came from Australia with the intention of staying at Hauora Hokianga for a couple of years and I am still here after 15 years. Rural nursing is exciting…you just never know who will walk through the door next and what care they may need.”

Christine Dorsey Hospital Services Manager

Hauora Hokianga is an excellent place to further your career within the health sector, with on-going development opportunities. These opportunities will allow you to work across the width and depth of your scope of practice both within community and hospital settings.

“I came to nursing late in my life after realising that it provided me with an opportunity to help those in need and change lives in my community. As a nurse at Hauora Hokianga, you get to flex your creative and problem-solving muscles every day, all for the benefit of your patients and the wider whanau.” 

Cheryl Turner, Registered Nurse

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Our Mission

Maa too tatou mahi tahiirungai te maia, te tika me te pono, ka whiwhi tatou ki te taumatatanga o te ora mo te iwi o Hokianga.
By working as one, with courage, respect and integrity, we pursue excellence in the realm of health for all the people of Hokianga.

Hauora Hokianga is a community owned hospital and health service in a rural area serving a largely Māori population of around 7,000 people. We offer a range of integrated health services based from our hospital at Rawene, and nine outlying clinics. The natural beauty of the Hokianga and embracing community makes it a great place to settle with family, or visit for a working holiday.

Our goal is to honour the dignity of the person and work together to promote, preserve and enhance health in the Hokianga by:

  • promoting good health and healthy living
  • providing readily accessible health care that is free at point of need
  • providing a high-quality health service


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